These programs are free for you to use at your own risk. Unless otherwise noted they run
on Windows XP or later English language version. Many have Donate Commands and
Readme.txt files that refer to previous domains. Please use the Donate Button below instead
to help me defray the cost of Web Hosting.

Most are written in AutoHotkey scripting language. Since AHK watches the keyboard to detect
hotkeys, some av may register a false positive. Please scan with additional av programs
before concluding any contain malware. Most I wrote for my own use. I hope you find them useful.


Miles Ahead's Windows Downloads

Size or Ver:Name:Description:
613.903  AdjustWorkArea.zipAdjust Desktop Work Area
1.415.063  BrowserBunch.zipOpen Web Pages from Text File with various Browsers
348.846  ChainCopy.zipCopy File(s) including source Folder chain to Destination Folder
v.  CommentExplorer.zipComment Files in Explorer Folders (bug fix release)
286.969  CreateDir.zipCreates directory chain. Optionally opens folder for drag and drop
v.  DelayedCuts.zipDelayed start of shortcuts at Logon
533.422  df.zipCommand line program displays free disk space in one of B KB MB GB
v.  ds.zipCommand line program displays disk space info in one of B KB MB GB
207.563  DriveAlive.zipKeeps external drives/docking stations from spinning down
27.811  ErrMsg.zipDisplays System Error Text (English Windows only)
940.827  ExplorerReset.zipDialog to close all Explorer copies but oldest
v.  Fold.zipOpens multiple Explorer Folders as a set
v.  FolderCache.zipOpen recent folders with a hotkey
907.543  GetWindowWorkingDir.zipGet Working Directory of Active Window
7.018  GlassPrompt.zipopens "Blur Behind" command prompt
387.238  HmsTimes.zipxml chapters to HH:MM:SS text
841,912  HomeFolder.zipHotkey opens Home Folder of Active Window
v.  HomeFolder2.zipVersion 2 of Home Folder
388.164  MakeDiscDir.zipMakes folders D01 to DN for CD box sets
461.297  MD5Hash.zipCreates MD5Sums for Files
v.  MoveIt.zipWindow Placement Utility (single monitor only)
1.030.990  NewFolder.zipHotkey Creates a New Folder
858.064  OneKey.zipTray Hotkey to launch that file or program you use all the time with one key
426.742  PastePath.zipPaste Path of Open Folder to Active Window with a Hotkey
374.502  Pasty.zipCopy selected text to Windows or other Search
407.329  PromptHere.zipOpens Command Prompt for each selected Folder
896.329  QF.zipQuotidian Folders opens folder menu near mouse
1.303.206  rcopy.zipRecursively copies files to existing target folder
679.436  ReOpen.zipReOpen Programs and Folders
v.  ReRun.zipReRun recent programs (now uses less CPU)
309.856  ResizeExplorer.zipResizes the first Explorer Window it sees
288.671  RunGroup.zipRun programs as a Group
v.1.3.3  RunInTrayMod.zipModified version of "Run in Tray"(64 bit exe now included)
622.970  RunIt.zipRun using Registry Run Key
543.756  RunItOnce.zipRun using Registry RunOnce Key
992.699  Selector.zipOpen other programs with Selected Text or Clipboard Text as parameter
427.950  SetWorkArea.zipSet Desktop Work Area (single monitor only)
372.026  ShiftKicker.zipClicking Maximize Button on a resizeable window leaves a Taskbar Gap
418.909  sike.zipCommand line program sends files to Recycle Bin
v.  SoundMixer.zipOpens/Closes Windows Volume Mixer
667.345  SourceSnap.zipHotkey to snap up online source code
338.015  SrtFix.zipFixes .srt subs that have '.' instead of ',' in time lines
673.366  SrtRetime.zipWrites file w/Subs from 1st Srt and times from 2nd Srt
404.030  SrtStrip.zipStrips <> and curly brace tags from .srt subtitles
373.255  TaskbarGap.zipSets a gap next to the Taskbar adjusting the work area
386.511  TicClick.zipSame as TicTac but uses the mouse instead of the numberpad
419.019  TicTac.zipPositions active window to a "tic tac toe" location
6.652  TicTacLite.zipTicTac Lite uses an invisible window instead of Tray Icon
v.  TopmostToggle.zipToggles Topmost or "Stay On Top" attribute of Active Window
730,476  TraySetup.zipOpens or Closes Optical Drive Tray
344.003  TreePadGen.zipGenerates TreePad file with entries for every file in a folder
346.295  TrimWorkArea.zipTrims Desktop work area by pixels set via ini file
655.445  UpdateEnv.zipRefreshes shell environment
994.557  UrlPack.zipHotkey to gather and launch Urls as a pack
394.793  WinDim.zipWindow dimension copy and set utility (single monitor only

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