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Who is this site for?

Mainly the Mum's, who keep asking how to do things.

The programs section is for anyone that enjoys using Free Software. You will find the Free Tools there too.

The small guides section is for people that need a step by step guide on how to use the Free Software.

Who Is is based in New Zealand, It is Roger Hunt,a small group of friends, and anonymous users who recommend programs.
Contributors range from very experienced users, game site administrators, and help forum guru's.
We plan to keep everything on this site 100% free and don't plan to have advertising on this site at this time.
We do not track visitors to this site and there is no log in needed.
There are no cookies placed on your computer from this site.

We did intend to have a Word Press Blog at some stage in the future, but so far I haven't found time to set it up.

This is a small hobby site, if you think you can help please use the link contact us.

We use mostly Windows operating systems.

Our Aim

Our aim is to show absolute beginners, in easy step by step guides,
how we use some of the Free For Personal Use software we like and recommend.

It may not be the way you will use this software, but it is how we as users,use it,with no problems so far.

These sites give their software freely with no control as to how you will use it,
as such they, or we, can accept no responsibility for any loss of data or other unexpected results.
We strongly recommend you make a restore point before installing anything new.
This should be done before you make any changes to your computer's registry.

Want to recommend a program?

We welcome program recommendations from anyone.

Programs must be Free For Personal Use.

Please use the contact us link.

We will try to keep this site clean, clear and easy to understand for our users. does not record any information about visitors to our site

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