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This is not intended to be a list of all the free for personal use software,

It is an unsorted list of the free software that people have recommended to us.

Most links will take you to the program developers download page so you can get the latest versions.
They may redirect you to other sites to download free versions.
A lot of the programs also have paid versions that may offer more features,
we will only be looking at the free for personal use versions on this site.


Due to the amount of time I spend repairing peoples computers I feel the need to warn users,
about the amount of crap that comes with almost all free programs when installed with express or standard settings.
In most cases, it is not the software makers that are bundling crap, but the wrappers they come in from external sites.
They may also try to change your internet home page, default search engine, or both.
Most external sites use some form of wrapper


If you think you may have been infected with a virus, junk
or potentionally unwanted program after downloading a free program
you may get help to remove it from this site.

These sites give the use of their software with good intentions.
But they have little control as to how you will use it, or how external sites will wrap it.
As such they, or we, can accept no responsibility for any loss of data or other unexpected results.
Once again we strongly recommend you make a restore point before installing anything new.
This should be done before you make changes to your computer's registry
A guide on how to make a restore point is in our guides section or by clicking the Restore Point Hyperlink above.

A free program called Toolwiz Time Freeze is often used to try software
It will freeze the state of your computer so you can see what happens when programs get installed.
You should add your Downloads Folder to the exception list.
(If you decide to keep the program you won't need to download it again after the reboot)
When you install the software you want, you will see what gets installed, and how it works.
If you are happy with it restart your computer and re-install it.
If you are not happy with it, it will be gone after your computer restart.
You will just need to go to your Downloads Folder and delete the programs installer folder.
A link to Toolwiz Time Freeze is below.

Toolwiz Time-freeze

We have had requests for a program to be able to see what children had been doing on a computer,
I recommend this tool that can be run from a usb stick. Extract the .zip file and run the .exe
A help file is included

Last Activity View


Programs with an *  have a guide in our guide section.

Auslogics Defragger

Alternative to windows defragger.
Easy to use with ability to keep Restore Points

Auslogics Defragger Free


Junk file cleaner that removes unneeded temporary files, dead shortcut etc.
This helps keep your computer's speed up
Latest version (v5.00.5050) user interface is not very well liked so I have also added a link to Version 4.19
When you use this version I recommend you open Options, Monitoring, and uncheck the two options
Enable System Monitoring
and Enable Active Monitoring


CCleaner Piriform Download Page

CCleaner Free

Duplicate Image Finder*

Find duplicate photos by scanning the images.
New version is available from developers site.
version hosted here works as per the guide.

Duplicate Image Finder

Glary Utilities*

System utilities,recover deleted files,control startup programs,
many other tools are included
It also has access to Windows Utilities.
When installing it will ask to change your default search engine
We don't let it and uncheck the three options offered

Glary Utilities Free


Check your Java version,update Java,
removes old versions, cleans up by removing installers after.

Java RA Free


Make complete bit map image backup of a drive to recover from after a hard drive fail.
The best way to recover as all programs and system tweaks remain intact.

Macrium Reflect Free

MalwareBytes Anti-malware*

Remove all types of malware,root kits,key loggers,viruses,etc.
Excellent program,recommended to all.
We haven't heard of a false positive being reported so far.
It will list potentially unwanted programs as well

MalwareBytes.Org Free

Password Removal Boot Disc

Remove the Windows password with this free boot disc

Paid version can recover password, free version only removes it

Burn to dvd, Change boot order in bios to dvd and restart your computer with dvd in the drive

Password Removal Boot Disc

Revo Uninstaller*

Remove crap left behind after uninstalling programs,
excellent junk file cleaner included, Has a Hunter mode to track all associated files,
Control start up items etc.

Revo Uninstaller Free

Super Anti-Spyware

Remove all types of spyware,
Most spyware tracks your computer use for advertisers.

Super AntiSpyware Free

Combined Community Codec Pack

Play any type of media with the included
Media Player Classic Home Cinema.

Combined Community Codec Pack Free

Daemon Tools Lite

Create virtual drives to mount and play .iso files.

Daemon Tools Lite Free

DVD Shrink

A FREE software solution for shrinking original DVDs onto recordable media.
(make a backup copy of your favourite DVD'S)

DVD Shrink Free

Img Burn

ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application
that everyone should have in their toolkit. Still one of the best burners for Windows.

Image Burn Free


Upload files and folders using .ftp and keep your folder structure intact.

Filezilla Free

Moyea FLV Editor Lite

Trim .flv files
(free version has limitations)

Moyea FLV Editor Free


Monitor your network usage, get warnings when you get close to your data cap etc.,
many many features.

Networx Free


Edit most types of computer language with notepad like interface.

Notepad ++ Free


Alternative to Microsoft Office

Open Office Free

Process Lasso

Control processor usage
(free version has nag message but is fully featured)

Process Lasso Free


SketchUp is used to make 3D drawings and has very good tutorials on U-Tube

SketchUp U-Tube Tutorial

SketchUp 3D

Shadow Explorer

Shadow Explorer allows you to recover deleted files from shadow copies
Copies are created by the Windows Vista / 7 / 8 Volume Shadow Copy Service.

Shadow Explorer Free


System information program.
Helps identify what you have inside your computer so system updating is easier.

Speccy Free


Monitors fan speeds and temperatures in computers with a known monitoring chip
and allows you to set fan speeds

Speedfan Free

Toolwiz Time freeze

Toolwiz Time freeze is used to freeze the state of your computer operating system
This allows you to return to the same state just by rebooting after trying new programs or computer settings.

Toolwiz Timefreeze

XMedia Recode

Recode most video and audio files.
(Split audio and video tracks and save as mp3 for example)

Xmedia Recode Free

The Following Files Are Big,If You Have A Slow Internet Connection
I recommend You Use A Download Manager

Windows Vista 32bit Retail


(all versions-no service packs, no cracks, you will need your valid key)

32bit Vista Retail

Windows Vista 32bit Service Pack 1
All Language Standalone


Vista 32bit Service Pack 1

Windows Vista Service Pack 2
All Language Standalone


Vista 32bit Service Pack2